COVID19 Home Office

Time Management Pack

Social distancing is a powerful weapon in the battle against the spread of the Coronavirus. Working from home provides protection both for us and for the society. At TimeNavi, we understand that continuing our usual work activity in this new home-based environment can be challenging and requires new time management skills. We think solidarity and creativity are key to overcome the COVID19 problem and so we would like to contribute to this battle with a special time management pack we prepared especially for those affected by the virus. Please use it (it's free!), share it and let us know if you have any ideas!

What does the pack consist of?

1. Time Management Crash Course


Time management crash course focused on providing you with practical techniques that will help to make sure that you get organised in this new situation of staying at home and spend time on what matters to you.

4 lessons (~10 minutes each)

1 lesson per day (sent to you via email)

2. Personal Google Calendar Assistant App


Learning time management is about practice and building long-lasting habits. Therefore we created an app that works on your Google Calendar and shows you how well you plan and control your day in real-time. This way learning time management is not only efficient, but also a lot of fun!

3. Reports with Calendar Analysis


Weekly reports containing visualisations generated based on your calendar data that will help you become more conscious of how you spend and manage your time.

Focus on balanced life

Decision-making support